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Small and Furry Pets

Best Family Pets

Small and Furry Pets

As time passes, there is a wider variety of rats, pets, and other small and furry animals whom you can have as a best friend or a small family member. Back in the ancient time, there were only dogs and cats considered as pets, but today apart from them there are many small and furry animals to be kept as a pet.

The pets are usually kept for pleasure and fun rather than utility. They include cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, parrots, monkeys, etc. As time passes by, we see humans being sad and lonely all the time, so four-legged furry pets are kept as small family members for amusement and joy.

Dog {The best family member}:

          The dog is always considered to be the best furry animal to be kept as a pet. The dog has played a vital role in the history of humanity. Dogs are among the very first domesticated animals and still, they are kept as a pet. They are very loyal and sincere towards their owner. They learn quickly and are the best trainees.  Dogs can maintain their body temperature at a constant level. The most modern estimate suggests that there exist five distinctive types of dogs in the world; wolf-type dogs, herding dogs, mastiffs, pointing dogs, and sight hounds.Small and Furry Pet

A dog has a lot of positive and healthy effects on the lives of its owners. They are the best influence rs for social and emotional development in children. They can help to relieve stress and anxiety. In western countries, about 40% of households have one or more dogs.

While adopting a dog, always go for a bright, vibrant, and healthy dog. Most importantly, avoid sluggish and depressed ones. Provide your dog a safe and comfortable environment and always monitor his health regularly.


After dogs, cats are usually preferred to be kept as a pet. They are small, furry, and easy to care for. Cats have a life span of usually 2 to 15 years and weights up to 3.5-4.5 kg. Cats are almost time sleeping, their average sleeping hours are 12 to 16 hours. They have very sharp teeth and retractable claws, this how mice and rodents are preyed on by cats. As they grow from kitten to cats, their reasons to meow change. Kitten usually meow if they are Hungary or scared. When they grow up, they start yawning, hissing, and growling to communicate with each other. Cats have a wide variety of types; British short-hair cat, Japanese Bobtail, Gray Tabby, and many pets and Cats

They are very sensitive in means of cleaning themselves. They are good trainees and learn quickly but they require a lot of affection and attention. They need a quiet, peaceful, warm, and comfortable environment. Also, you must ensure they are vaccinated to avoid viral infections.

Cats are appreciated to be kept in Islam due to their cleanliness. Islam considers the cat as” the quintessential pet”.


    Rabbits are great to be kept as a pet, they have giant iconic ears, poppy legs, and twitchy noses, making them the cutest pets. They need appropriate housing and dieting. They are a good source of amusement for children, but one should keep in mind, rabbits are very fragile. They are very adorable and amusing with personality. They usually live for 4 to 8 years depending on the conditions they are provided to live.

Rabbits are social pets, if you are looking to own a rabbit, look for a pair of rabbits. This is because they prefer to live in groups. Otherwise, they will get bored and this will cause trouble for the cutie rabbit. Also, there is a common misconception of carrots and rabbits, Rabbits need more than carrots. Providing rabbit varied and healthy diet is very much important, it can include hay, grass, lettuce, and parsley, etc. One of the strange things about rabbits is that they sleep day and night. So, when they are up? Well, they are awake in dusk and dawn, that’s an awesome time to spend with your cutie-pie rabbit, cuddling on the sofa.cute rabbit

They are many other pets that can be a great source of amusement and a small family member. You can have hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, parrots, and the list go on. Before you look to keep a pet inside your house, make sure to provide the proper health and medical care. These small and furry pets are very fragile and need proper care regularly. They should be kept cleaned daily as they are being directly contacted. Their living conditions affect their life span and health a lot. More the hygienic and comfortable place to live, healthier and happier will be your pet.More Info

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