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Siamese cat

Siamese cats are among the world’s most well-known cat breeds because of their distinct and unmistakable look. These lovely cats have long sleek bodies and almond-shaped eyes with almond-shaped pupils that set in a very beautiful blue-green color. Siamese has a distinctive taste for things sweet and salty, which explains why they are so fond of cooked food and many people consider them to be a crossbreed of a teddy bear and a cat. But you can’t really understand what the fuss is about without understanding some basic information about this charming breed.

The Siamese breed developed from a mix of several breeds of Asian cats that were then crossed with domestic cats. These were then used in breed exhibitions to breed more genetically distinct cats. Today, there are at least thirty different Siamese breeds. The Siamese cat is probably the most popular breed in Thailand and other parts of Asia and this accounts for why there are so many different varieties.


There are three main subspecies of this beautiful cat. They are the Thai, Burmese, and the Chinese Siamese. All three have completely different physical characteristics but the main result is the same – an extremely attractive Siamese cat. Most Siamese that is bred are cross-bred and show considerable inheritable differences from each other. Some examples of these physical differences are eye and hair color, the ear shape and the overall appearance of the animal. While the overall looks of the Siamese cat are largely similar to that of the Burmese and Thai, they differ in coloration and overall physical structure.

One of the distinctive features of Siamese cats is their blue-green eyes. When awake, their eyes take on a very interesting hue as it appears that the iris, which is the colored part of the eye, is actually a diamond shape. Their distinctive feature was first noticed by the Japanese when observing their seals. It took them several years to perfect the coloring but eventually, they perfected it. It is very rare to find a pure-bred Siamese with this trait and most of these animals are bred to achieve unusual blue or lilac eyes due to the fact that the blue-green coloring is a hereditary trait.Siamese Cat

Feature of Siamese cat

Another distinctive feature of this Siamese cat breed is its prominent whisker pads. These whiskers finish at the end of its chin rather than on either side as with most breeds. This unique feature was first noticed when the cat was being bred in captivity and was brought back to the United States. When the cat was bred in captivity, its temperament was analyzed and people found that their pets had a disposition towards cats that displayed hunting instinct, preferring those that had thicker coats, darker skin, and a short tail. Some of these were cross-bred with British shorthair and the result was the silver-haired Siamese cat we know today.

Another distinctive trait of this breed is its highly intelligent behavior and personality. They are extremely affectionate and are known for playing and socializing well with other humans and animals. The cats will often lie down on the owners’ lap and purring. As a result, they were often given names like Fancy, Fluffy, and Peanut.

It was not until later in life that many of these Siamese cats were left alone in the house and were allowed some freedom. The left alone time enabled these animals to experience the world around them and their natural instinct of hunting. Many scientists believe that these animals were originally brought from Asia when merchants brought their camels along with them and they stayed in the shipyards and hunted rabbits and wild boars as a way to earn their living. Over time, these Siamese breeds became used as pets around the world, mainly for their highly intelligent skills and ability to bond with family members.Siamese Cat


However, the most outstanding characteristic of any Siamese breed is the loyalty it has for its human companions. These longhaired felines will follow their masters around the house, sleeping at their feet if they are around or hanging around the house when they are not. A true blue longhaired pet, even an older cat, will be cherished by his master and will be treated with great respect. Some breeds are just easier to train and manage while others tend to be a lot more stubborn. Overall, a long-haired, Siamese cat fancier is a very happy cat breed to have as a pet.

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