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FAQ: No, DMCA-related issues. Uploading to cloud storage or any file hosting service will create Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) issues and they will soon be removed as legal immediately after each upload.

FAQ Do you even read emails?

Yes, we do… Every email! Better to keep your requests away! Moreover, suggestions and jokes are always welcome!

Why did you never reply to my emails?

Vague! But we read them…

When will my requested information be published in Petcatrat?

We review Bulk Requests and Rip information accordingly, plus too many Petcatrat requesting single information, that information will show up first, so ask once and voila, let others request the same information too. If you keep asking for the same information over and over or after a while on an application page or in our email, then we will seriously not be able to consider this single information as it is stubborn behavior that we don’t, it cannot be unfair to other petcatrat members. We hope you can understand.

Why Petcatrat?

It’s a great vision to provide “Free Interested True Information about the Pets as well as Latest Pets News, Free Everything For Everyone.”!

How much you earn?

Still not.

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