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Adopting A Shelter-advertised Puppy

family dog rescue

Family Dog Rescue is a no-kill, group organization dedicated to finding a loving and healthy family dog, and eventually providing them with a forever home. They rescue family-friendly animals of all sizes and shapes. They give preference to needy dogs in California’s overcrowded shelters. Some are rescue dogs that have been rejected by other animal shelters. Others are purebred family dogs that are suffering because of genetic problems or being abused.

Many people consider adopting from a shelter but often find that it is not a good match for their family needs and lifestyle. For example, dogs at a shelter may be old, neutered, or overweight. In some cities, family dog rescue groups will only accept dogs that have been spayed or neutered. These organizations also have no place for puppies, kittens, or birds, and can sometimes have behavioral problems that make them inappropriate for families with children.

However, adopting from a family dog rescue shelter is a great alternative to losing a loving family dog to euthanasia. These shelters take pride in testing potential pets before deciding whether to adopt each one. Each dog is checked for temperament, health conditions, vaccinations, and any medical problems, and then put up for adoption by a family who want a new pet. There are many advantages to adopting a puppy from a shelter instead of a breeder or pet store.

Adoption is the preferred choice of those involved with the family dog rescue, including puppies for adoption, adult dogs for adoption, and special needs dogs. Unlike in the past when there was just one national pet adoption rescue organization, today there are literally dozens of such organizations. With this many choices, it is not uncommon for an individual to be turned away from a shelter that he or she had been trying to get a dog from, simply because that person didn’t meet the specific requirements needed for the shelter to accept that particular pet. Today, all shelters want to ensure they only house dogs that will fit in with their community, and that includes puppies for adoption.

In addition to being able to pick out puppies for adoption that are likely to thrive in a home, those in touch with family dog rescue have access to a wide variety of other resources. One of the biggest benefits is that the shelter may have access to a veterinarian who is able to diagnose and treat parvo and other sicknesses quickly, which could keep the family dog rescue pet alive until it is healthy enough to go home with its owner. Because the costs associated with veterinary treatments can be astronomical, this is a very real benefit that those in touch with family dog rescue can greatly appreciate.

Another great thing about getting a puppy from a family dog rescue facility is the fact that those who do adopt tend to get a puppy that is guaranteed to love everyone in the household, and almost requires no special care at all. If the new family dog rescue has had some time to get to know the family and home before bringing the puppy home, the vet will have an opportunity to make sure the new family member is healthy and up to par with potential health problems. Those in touch with family dog rescue who have chosen to adopt a sick puppy from a shelter also find themselves in a good position to learn about any potential medical issues that could develop early on. If the sick puppy is taken care of by a good vet before being adopted, then there is less risk that the dog might catch parvo or any other illness or disease later on down the road.

Even if a family dog rescue shelter does not have the resources to specifically provide health care for stray, neglected, or unhealthy dogs, they often have a program that offers spaying or neutering as well as a host of other services for the community. Those in the vicinity of shelters often enjoy a number of different programs that offer free or low-cost pet sitters, vaccinations, de-worming, grooming services, dog agility training, walking, therapy, and much more. Dog owners in the area are often offered low-cost or free health care for their furry family friends when they visit one of the local animal welfare centers.

Every family who adopts a puppy at a family dog rescue should be aware of what their obligations are when it comes to taking care of the dog once it has been rescued. Any dog brought into a rescue facility should be checked over by the staff and given a health check as well. Anyone looking to adopt a puppy should absolutely research the local shelter and make sure that the dog has been checked over thoroughly by a licensed veterinarian and should be up-to-date on vaccinations and routine care. If the puppy does receive proper care, then it should have a long, happy life full of loving family who would love to take it home with them.

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