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Best Family Pets


Best Family Pets:

Man has been domesticating many animals and birds from time immemorial. These animals are kept for pleasure rather than utility. However, these are also very useful. These pet animals and birds include dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, fish, rats, snakes, tortoises, monkeys, parrots, etc.

In this era of science and technology, homo sapiens is perhaps the only species that is emotionally sad and lonely. In many developed societies, four-legged animals are kept as family family pets

They are kept, cared and cured like closer relatives. So, In America, Australia, and Europe, there are many sophisticated and well-equipped hospitals and breeding nurseries for pets. Man is having so many animals and birds as pets. Some of them are mentioned here briefly.

Dogs is a Best Family Pets:

Best family Pets Like Dogs are considered very loyal, faithful, and serving pets. The dog is best friends in western culture. They are good friends on the holidays. Also, western people keep them along while traveling. Dogs have extra senses. They can perceive alarming situations.

It can amuse children by playing games and stuff like this. So, They also play tricks. They learn quickly. They are the best trainees. They can be domesticated for security purposes. They are good spies. Dogs can smell and behave accordingly.

Most people keep dogs as companions. In Eastern cultures, a dog is taken as a petty creature. But in ultramodern societies dogs have higher living standards rather than a laborer living in a third world country. They are kept in standard hygienic conditions. Balanced and rich nutrition is provided for dogs in the western world.


A cat is a wonderful family pet. They are normally ultra-sensitive about cleaning up themselves. They need very little training. They require a lot of attention and pets

Cat is a good companion. Because It is one of the amazing house pets. You must ensure that your cat or any other pet is vaccinated to avoid any viral infections. Cats need a quiet, safe, and peaceful place. There are millions of pet cats in China. All cultures encourage having cats as pets.

Miscellaneous Pets:

There are many more animals and birds to be mentioned as pets. For example, rabbits and fish are a source of love and amusement for kids. Snakes and turtles are easy to get cared for and maintain. Birds like parrots and sparrows serve as fun and entertaining guys. Guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, chinchillas are the best pets for kids. More

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