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Best Family Dogs


Dogs always have been found to the faithful animals.

The best family dog is a faithful dog kept by a family. They are nurtured in homes. People keep the family dogs for multi-purpose. There are different kinds of best family dogs. Some of them are described below:
Bull terrier dog, Border collie dog, Newfoundland dog, Vizsla dog, Irish setter dog, Poodle dog, and Golden retriever dog. Now we will discuss these best family types of dogs

Bull terrier Family Dog:

Bull terrier dog is the best family dog which is kept for the purpose of the fight. It has great power to compete. It is a breed of dog which is used for gentlemen nowadays.

Border collie dog:

Border collie dog is the best family dog which is the most energetic and intelligent dog. It is mostly used to guard the livestock and herd, especially sheep.

Newfoundland dog:

Newfoundland dog is the best family dog used by the family to get wood from the forest and it is also used for pulling nets for fishermen.

Vizsla dog:

Vizsla dog is the best family dog frequently kept by people for searching and tracking. This dog is a good hunter of rabbits.

Irish setter dog:

Irish setter dog is the best family dog often used by the family. It is a gundog. It hunts the birds. It is also used to surround the place.

Poodle dog:

A Poodle dog is a water dog. This best family dog is used for hunting ducks. It has four kinds such as the standard poodle, medium poodle, miniature poodle, and toy poodle.

Golden retriever dog:

Golden retriever dog is a breed of dog kept by the family for hunting and shooting. It is such a best family dog that frequently hunts marine animals. The word retrieve refers that when it hunts the water animals, it feels undamaged itself. So, these were the best family dogs that are kept by the family and are the best faithful animals. More Info

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