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Best Dog Breeds For Families With Kids

If you are a first-time dog owner, you may be wondering what the best dog breeds for families are. Well, it’s a lot easier than you might think. After all, dogs are best friends and wonderful companions for both young and old people alike. They are also excellent playmates, teaching children compassion, patience, and of course — kindness. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then, that a recently conducted survey of 2,500 dog owners of school-age children revealed that 74% of children have asked for a dog as either a pet or a teacher.

It’s important for any family with kids to make sure that they provide their young ones with all of the necessary things that will make them happy, and allow them to enjoy being a part of a family. Kids, it turns out, are very in touch with their feelings. One of the best dog breeds for families with kids is one that provides regular exercise and affectionate friendship.

Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds in particular are best suited to caring for kids. Even mutts — yes, really — can make great pets because they tend to be very loyal and have a natural tendency to love children. Just ask any animal trainer about this and they’ll tell you that dogs who have the personality to be fun, entertaining, and interactive with children are the best pets for families with kids. You want your child to feel loved and cherished, not ridiculed and punished. This will instill in him or her a healthy desire for friendship with other children.

Puppies are another great option for families with kids because they tend to be very affectionate and welcoming. They also have their own personalities and are an excellent choice for the best dog breeds for families with kids. Small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Poodles, and Maltese are some of the most popular options when it comes to being pets for kids.


For those parents who are thinking of adopting a puppy, or even an older dog, there are some great choices. Miniature Americanichsitters are probably the best dog breeds for families with kids. These cute little guys run, jump, play and eat! They are also very playful and are great companions for those parents who are a little busy. In general, these breeds are excellent with children, but you need to remember that as they grow up they might not be so loving and nonchalant around younger children. In other words, don’t buy miniature chow chows if your kid is 6 years old or younger because they will simply bark and snap at anything that gets close to them.


Poodles are another great choice for families with kids. This breed is known for its loving, protective behavior, and they are one of the best choices for those who love working. A Poodle’s small size makes it easy for kids to keep in control of them. Poodles also love attention, which makes them a wonderful option for kids who are shy or timid. A Poodle is also a very good choice for those who live in apartments because they are so small compared to the other dog breeds.

If you would like to find the best family dog for your lifestyle and personality, a Pug might be the best choice. Pugs are very affectionate dogs and are naturally very energetic. This means that a Pug may be a great dog for family people who want a big dog that loves to be around and get a lot of attention, but who don’t want a very boisterous dog that tends to be aggressive and noisy around other pets and people.

If you are looking for a dog that is very intelligent and highly intelligent, an English Setter may be the best option for you. The English Setter is known for being a very intelligent dog that can learn a variety of things quickly. However, they do not make very good watchdogs because of their high levels of intelligence. Poodles, Pug, and Beagles make the best option for families who are interested in getting a guard dog for the house or who have kids who are highly intelligent, but who don’t want to go with a more showy breed. Poodles and Pugs are also great for those who do not have time to groom breeds like Border Collies and Cocker Spaniels because they are so easy to care for.

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