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The Australian Cattle Dog – AKC Standard AKC Sheeps

australian cattle dog

Also known as Blue Heelers or Australian Longhaired Dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs is very energetic, herding dogs typically bred for the sole purpose of riding cattle. They’re active and alert with a touch of an independent streak, needing only proper training and often a little more grooming (but not too much grooming). They love their master’s attention and will respond to commands with enthusiasm. But if you haven’t got the time or desire for such dedicated work or if you’d prefer a more domesticated animal than an Australian Cattle Dog is ideal for you. Australian Shepherds make wonderful, devoted companions.

This breed is a cross between a Greyhound and an English Bulldog, thus resulting in a very close, yet still distinct appearance. They have medium-length hair, with varying amounts of markings. Some have a white collar with a black ring at the base and/or a black tail, while others have a plain white collar with white markings around the base, and some even have collar links that resemble those of a Saint Bernard. While purebred Australian cattle dog puppies can be expected to look more like Greyhounds than the bulldogs of the world, this isn’t always the case. In the same way that a Greyhound has its ‘wild’ markings, so does an Australian cattle dog, but the degree of occurrence in these breeds is generally less. Because of the closer resembleability of the Australian Shepherd’s markings, the two breeds mix readily to create these versatile working dogs.

One of the most attractive characteristics of the Australian Cattle Dog is their long, flowing coat. While some think that it’s a distinct type of dog coat, most believe that the Aussies have a long, fine-groomed coat that’s ideal for the job. The body is often coated with thick white fur that, because of its nature, tends to shed more than some other types of dog coats. This makes the Aussie an excellent choice for the beef industry as it requires less grooming and less upkeep, which mean less expense. The dogs are also better suited to the environment of the beef packing facility.

The Australian Shepherd is also a good fit for the working class due to their sturdy frame and powerful physique. The breed is known for its strength and endurance and is often used as a herd dog or herding dog, where it can show off its abilities as a leader and as a watchdog. Aussies are also known for their loyalty and their intelligence, making them ideal for the working class.

As a breed, the Australian cattle dog is a very healthy animal. They don’t suffer from illnesses that are common to working dogs and canines and generally live for six to eight years on an average. Their coats don’t get dirty easily, and yet they’re still shiny and soft to the touch. They don’t shed as much as other breeds, which makes them the perfect dog for people who live in small apartments. Due to their size, they make good companions for larger people who can handle them on walks around the neighborhood.

The ears of the Australian cattle dog are quite large, which is considered good for the breed. Their auditory abilities are excellent and, thanks to the white fur, they don’t even need sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harsh sun. The breed is able to tolerate hearing loss and still hear just as well as a human when in enclosed spaces. The only potential drawback to the Aussie is the lack of ability to see in dim light, but there’s a fix for that with the help of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

There are many different lines of Australian cattle dogs, and you should research each one to find the one that best fits your personality. The Australian Cattle Dog breed standard doesn’t have a specific set of characteristics, so it is impossible to say what the breed standard of any one specific dog might be. You should begin by looking up pictures of the various dog breeds in order to get an idea of what each one looks like.

The Australian Cattle Dog is one of the few working dogs used throughout the entire beef industry, because they are intelligent, strong, and loyal. They can work in many capacities for both the owner and the dog, including guide, herd, therapy dog, and herding dog. They are also used as service or companion dogs in the medical field or to aid those with disabilities. If you want an active, intelligent, and loyal dog that is beautiful to look at, then the red, Australian cattle dogs may be just the dog for you.

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